Good deeds club supports child following brain tumour surgery

by | Mar 13, 2015 | A&E, News

Katie Jones


Students at Humber hugged members of the Good Deeds Club to support an eight-year-old boy who underwent brain surgery on March 5 to remove a brain tumour.

This comes after a video posted on YouTube by Nadine Weis, his mother,

Who told the world about her son and asked viewers to make one simple act of love the day of his surgery.

“I’m here to prove to my kids that we are very capable of creating something very powerful when people get together,” she said in the video.

Sebastian Yanquelevech, 9, of North York thought more about how his mom would be coping rather than his impending surgery so the two devised a plan: Hug Day.

“I need you to tell the world about my operation, because I want you to have the support you’re going to need when I’m in surgery. I want you to have power. I want the world to know so that the world can be beside you,” Weis’ son told her.

In order to make sure his mom didn’t feel alone on the day of the big operation, Sebastian asked people to hug others.

Members of Humber’s Good Deeds Club rose to the occasion by making signs to promote the cause.

“I am here because I think Sebastian has an incredible message that he is spreading,” said Mikki Decker, a Family Community Social Services transfer student and committed member of the club.

“It is his birthday today and he is having his second brain surgery and all he can think about and all he wants is the world to hug today,” she said.

Decker praised the young boy for his courageous spirit, highlighting that at nine, his only wish is to spread love.

“To be nine years old and have that much of a heart I think it explodes with such a lesson we can learn. Back to the basics of being kind and human to each other,” said Decker.

Students who passed the event beside the library were able to hear the music the club was playing and had the chance to sign a big card that Mobeen Sheikh, president of the Goods Deeds Club, made for Sebastian and his family.

“We’re the Good Deeds Club, let’s work our magic and try to get the good people of Humber to come together and spread awareness,” said Sheikh. “We want to reach a new record for hugs, we gave out 600 on Monday.

“We are writing a card for Sebastian hoping he gets well soon and well wishes,” said Sheikh.

Sebastian will receive his card from the members.

“I’m already in touch with Nadine, Sabastian’s mom, and she knows and is aware of this event. We’re trying to get a couple club members to go to the hospital to personally give him and his family a hug and give him the card,” said Sheikh.

“A lot of the pictures and videos will be online and we’re trying to trend the #HugsForSebastian as well,” Sheikh said “We hope that it makes people spread the word and raise awareness about the cause.”

Shawn Manahan, a Humber student running for HSF president, also attended the event giving out hugs. Manahan has been a part of the club for over a year and believes in spreading positivity for a good cause.