Gospel choir director want non-music students to get credit

by | Oct 30, 2019 | A&E

Natasha Maskell, Arts Reporter

The director of Humber’s Gospel Choir tried to get his non-music students recognized after he found out they wanted to get an academic credit.

“Humber College offers the only post-secondary education choir course in gospel music in all of Canada,” said Brad Klump, professor of Humber’s music program.“I have been really trying to gain recognition for is our non-music students, they deserve to get credit for this,” Klump said. “I am fighting the administration just to try and recognize the efforts that they are putting in.”

The gospel choir allows students the opportunity to learn and enjoy music they may not have explored outside of the choir.

Humber’s Gospel Choir, which is open to all students not just music performed their very first concert at the Lakeshore Auditorium in November 2015. (Sanja Antic)

Jonathan Nvita, a music student at the Lakeshore campus, said the choir helps him feel more connected to his heritage.

“It is a good opportunity for [students] to learn different music and different genres,” he said.

For many students like Esther Saibai, the choir is either an elective or an extra curicular activity because it wasn’t part of their program.

“It helps you get out your stress of school assignments, so we get to have some fun, have something that is a fun part of school,” Saibai said.

Students who do take part in the choir learn new sets of skills that enhance their performance skills, co-ordination, and musical abilities.

For students looking to join the choir, the audition process is simple. Auditions can be stressful, however Klump assured the auditions are not difficult.

“Just make sure you are kind of enthusiastic, you can sing in tune, and you want to be here, and make the commitment to the rehearsals and the performances,” he said.

The choir will be performing at the Gospel Intervarsity Explosion (GIVE) at York University on Oct. 26. Choirs from McMaster University, York University, and University of Toronto will be attending, and Humber is the only college invited to the event.

Tickets for the show are available online, and Humber staff and students are encouraged to attend and show their support.