Graduate showcase brings creativity, intelligence and new talent

by | Apr 8, 2019 | News

Zainab Zaman, News Reporter

The Humber College media student nervously showed off his work at the graduate showcase event at the Learning Resource Commons last Wednesday.

His audience were industry guests in the media, advertising and web design field.

“The atmosphere is great, I am a little bit nervous but excited to show the guests my work throughout the year,” Leo Fernandez said.

Creative Arts students showcased their work to get jobs, and present their best work to faculty and friends before graduating.

“There are a lot of people who are willing to hire future employees, and this event is a perfect opportunity for us to showcase our work,” Fernandez said.

Web Design Professor Greg Goralski interacts with future students hoping to join his class at the annual graduate showcase event held at the LRC on April 3. (Madeline Jafarnejad)

The Web Design student at Humber said he is interested in creating easier phone applications for consumers.

“I used to work at Ikea and there a lot of customers that don’t know where to go when shopping, so the point of my app was to make a personal assistant that answers questions that are simple and to the point,” Fernandez said.

Maryam Ali, a first year Media Communications student at Humber, said she always attends events that help her grow in her field.

“What’s interesting about showcases is that I have the chance to go up to students and learn from their mistakes and skills,” she said.

Jasmine Keo, a final year Web Design student at Humber, said her goal at the showcase is to find a future career.

“Humber offers many opportunities, the key is to get a job at the showcase and show my work that I have done for three years,” Keo said.

“I want to be able to show future students what we do, and hopefully inspire them to study media from my own assignments,” she said

“My portfolio shows a lot of passion and prototypes where I explain my projects,” Keo said.

Jasmine Keo (left) Leyah Mirza (middle) Amreen Lidder (right) present their projects to industry specialists at the graduate showcase held at the LRC. (Zainab Zaman)

Greg Goralski, a Web Design professor at Humber College, is proud of his students and what they have accomplished since the beginning of the year.

“Future students should attend graduate showcases that will help them in determining which career path to take,” he said.

“There is a wide variety of assignments and projects that students have worked hard on throughout the course, people in the industry and families should be proud of our student’s accomplishments,” Goralski said.

Tristan Hassan, a Web Design student at Humber, said the showcase brings students together before graduating and helps them interact as a team.

“If other students have something interesting to show, the Humber showcase is an opportunity for us to collaborate and talk about our talents and mistakes amongst each other,” Hassan said.