Haunted Arboretum walk draws hundreds of students into forest

by | Oct 31, 2014 | News

Haley Falco
News Reporter

Hundreds of Humber College residence students lined up, anxiously awaiting the haunted Arboretum walk on Wednesday night.

There were several events for Humber’s Hawktober, the week of Halloween, which excited students for the holiday. Hawktober is five days of Halloween-related activities that get students in the Halloween spirit.

Jesse Flynn, Residence Community Assistant (RCA) and a chairperson for Humber Residence Council said that all the events were planned in advance. “We are actually going to be having a week long of events from October 27 to 31, that will be our whole Hawktober week. It is residence-wide for all students. We are handing out prizes and candy. It will be a really busy week,” Flynn said.

The biggest event of the week was the haunted Arb walk that took place out in the arboretum from 8 to 10 p.m. Humber Residence Council is trying to make this event an annual tradition.

Flynn said that this year roughly 200 students came out to the event, which is slightly less than last year, which he estimated drew 260.

Shelby Cockhill and Ryley Liddle are both enrolled in Media Studies at the University of Guelph-Humber and attended the event together for their first time. “I heard it’s really fun and it’s really scary,” Liddle said while waiting in line.

“I heard that they tell you a really scary story and then people act it out on the walk,” Cockhill said. Flynn said that the characters in the story would be walking throughout the arb, so it would be “pretty freaky.”

Groups of around ten students were taken into a room where a terrifying video played. Residence staff members were then dressed as the characters in the video to make it come to life and spook the students.

James Kervick was attending the haunted arb walk for the second time. “It was scary and I loved it. It was really scary because there was a guy under the bridge grabbing for my feet,” Kervick said of last year’s walk. He said that there were lots of students there last year and there was a big line-up to get in. “I am expecting it to be scarier this year. If not, I will still enjoy it though,” Kervick said.

Jessica San Agustin liked that it took place outside in a scary setting. “I liked that it was through the forest and that it was somewhere near us so it makes it more scary,” Agustin said.