Hawks badminton runs the table at Humber Cup

by | Oct 23, 2015 | Sports

Linda Hyuhn
Sports Reporter

The Humber Hawks badminton team served up an impressive performance across the scoreboard at the Humber Cup tournament.

Players had complete control of the badminton court during the tournament last weekend, with the college’s Adam Dong claiming a triple crown.

“It’s the kick-off tournament of the OCAA,” said Michael Kopinak, Associate Director of Athletics at Humber and badminton convener of the Ontario College Athletic Association.

“We put it to a fairly high standard, where there’s lots of food, nice awards and lots of opportunity to play,” Kopinak said.

The tournament began Friday afternoon and continued until Saturday evening. Colleges such as Seneca, George Brown and Fanshawe were present. The tournament was split into three different categories: singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

In particular, Dong, an international student from China and second-year badminton player, took first place in all three categories to follow up his first place wins at last year’s Humber Cup.

Olivia Lei won in the women’s singles category, as Dong took the men’s singles. The women’s singles was a Hawk on Hawk match as Lei faced Boom Phuthita, a first-year Humber player.

Ryan Chow and Dong took the men’s doubles and Lei and Phuthita won the women’s doubles.

Another Hawk on Hawk faceoff appeared when Phuthita and Dong won the mixed doubles against Lei and Chow.

Being a part of the badminton community for six to seven years, Kopinak was hoping for a win from Humber in the three categories, and was impressed with the final result.

“I’m very happy, also proud that I can play for Humber. I hope I can bring more victory to our Hawks and win the OCAA again this season,” said Dong.

Dong said the support from the team is irreplaceable, with coaches always pushing him to be better.

“This is all Humber’s victory, not only me,” he said.

The Humber Cup is the first tournament the Hawks have competed in since tryouts in September. The regular season begins in December, and right now, the Hawks are competing in exhibition tournaments to narrow down the team to 10 players.

“These tournaments are to scope out the competition and make friends along the way,” said Maria Nguyen, second-year badminton player.

Nguyen, who didn’t place first, said she still had fun playing the game she loves.

“The support is a lot better this year. We all work together and support everyone,” she said.

Next up, the Hawks travel to Redeemer University College in Ancaster, Ont., next Friday to compete in another invitational tournament.