Hawks defeat Lions despite playing on back-to-back nights

by | Feb 6, 2015 | Sports

By Katherine Green

The women’s basketball team under-performed last Sunday following a mentally exhausting game less than 24 hours earlier, but managed to grab a win.

Hawks head coach Ajay Sharma said that he’s happy to have survived the weekend.

“The history of the game is that when you have a dramatic ending in one game usually the next day it’s difficult to mentally bring yourself back and play,” he said.

Sunday’s 62-54 win against the Lambton Lions marked the 10th straight victory for Humber women’s basketball and the second home-court win of the weekend.

Humber’s offense struggled to generate points on the scoreboard throughout the first half. The Hawks inability to free up players to take quick shots caused them to struggle against the Lions’ zone defense.

“It was more our execution on offense and we weren’t able to get the ball at the posts as much as we wanted to,” said Humber’s stalwart shooting guard Natalie Hagopian. “We ended up taking a lot of perimeter shots and we weren’t dropping.”

The Hawks trailed the Lions by six points at the half, but Humber pushed back in the second half by dominating physically on offense.

“We were misdirecting our plays, the cutter would come out from underneath the hoop and the screener would move out of the pocket, then once you get the ball in the middle of that defense you can pick and choose who to give the ball to.” Sharma said.

“It’s the best place to get the ball. That is what really opened up the shooters and they started to relax,” he said.

The Hawks found their shooting confidence in the fourth and extended a close lead to win with a redeeming score of 62-54.

Lambton’s head coach Peter Kaija walked away pleased that his team was able to hold its ground against the physically dominant Humber Hawks.

“Any time you come to Toronto from a school with a couple thousand kids and you can compete with the Toronto school that is great,” he said.

The Humber men’s basketball team took to the court to calm the crowd’s nerves and give them a show after the women’s team.

Maintaining a solid 15-point lead throughout all four quarters the Hawk’s physical presence dominated the visiting Lions and concluding with a 92-73 victory.

With the game well in check for the Hawks they were met with a surge of offense from the Lions that cut the lead by 10 points in the final minutes of the fourth. Impact player Vule Grujic ensured the win for the Hawks by taking to the post and lengthening the lead in the final minute of play.

The Hawks men’s team are at the top spot of their division and remain healthy and strong coming off a tiring weekend.