Hawk’s lose in cricket semi-final to the Fleming Knights

by | Mar 10, 2018 | Campus News, Headlines, Sports

Mike Furtado
Sports Reporter

An extramural indoor cricket tournament may not hold as much importance as other varsity sports for a casual sport fan, but for the players involved the intensity of the competition is just the same.

“You see the amount of talent here and enthusiasm from all the players,” said Humber’s team captain Nauman Zafar.

Humber’s extramural Cricket team took to the floor for the final time this season at a tournament held at University of Toronto Mississauga last Friday.

The Hawk’s began the tournament red hot as they took down the Colts from Centennial College. The Colts are widely regarded as the league’s best team but didn’t show it against the Hawks as they a lost by a score of 51 to 25.

The Hawks then won a nail biting matchup against Georgian College by a score of 46 to 44, sending them to the semi-finals.

Unfortunately, the semis were as far as the Hawks would go.

The Hawks ran into Fleming College in the semi-finals but the Knights defense proved to be too much for the Hawks to handle.

“It was a pretty close game, but it’s a good thing we ended up in the semi-finals and as part of the top four teams,” Zafar said.

This is only the second year Fleming has had a cricket team, which is a shock to most people since they play like veterans.

Fleming’s recreational coordinator Jane Bolin credits the team’s success to its senior management that has been extremely supportive of the cricket program.

“They’re very positive toward cricket, they really want it to be a varsity sport as well,” she said.

The push for cricket becoming a varsity sport sanctioned by the Ontario College Athletics Association was echoed by many players at the tournament, especially from Humber’s team captain.

“We all want cricket to be a varsity sport, there should be more sponsorship, more people should be coming to sponsor these games,” Zafar said.

The indoor season now complete means the focus now turns to outdoor cricket.

Zafar said the team will be having tryouts and preparing for the fourth annual Canadian College Cricket National Championships in August.