Hawks soccer star Leaford Allen wins FIFA20 tournament

by | Oct 11, 2019 | Biz/Tech

John Grant, Biz/Tech Reporter

Humber Hawks’ soccer star Leaford Allen added to his impressive year by winning North campus’ annual FIFA20 tournament.

The rookie has been sensational for Humber’s soccer team, as he is on pace to break the College’s goal-scoring record.

Allen showed that he isn’t just a virtuoso on the soccer field, but in the gaming world as well, winning the tournament by edging out some of Humber’s finest eSports players to win a pair of Toronto Maple Leafs tickets.

Lakeshore IGNITE Vice President Ryan Stafford supported the tournament. (John Grant)

“I love seeing people dominate their competitors if they can, showing off the nicest goals, and to get the W,” said Ryan Stafford, the IGNITE Lakeshore Vice President.

That’s exactly what Allen did by dominating the final match 5-0 to win the tournament. Allen had nothing but praise for competitors in the Humber eSports community.

“It’s a community, you know what I mean? It’s somewhere for people to come around and meet up and enjoy something that they love to play…so it definitely brings a lot of people together and it opens up people’s minds,” he said.

FIFA20 tournament champion and soccer star Leaford Allen went home with Leafs tickets. (John Grant)

IGNITE and Humber eSports are now collaborating so that they can do even bigger gaming events, hoping to eventually host tournaments on campus. 

“We are currently working out a plan with [Humber] eSports, so they can host their own tournaments in our space, but also we can host tournaments bigger than the ones we have now with them as well,” said Mellissa Khuai, IGNITE’s Services Coordinator.

Just like sports, video games unite communities and bring people from different backgrounds together for the common goal of playing and enjoying their favourite game.

Ali Ahmed, a marketing student, who finished second in the tournament, has been playing FIFA for over five years, and has met many friends playing the game. He said he never lets competition tarnish his friendships.

“It’s really competitive, but at the same time, like once the game is over, both sides are happy about it,” he said.

Khuai hopes this partnership with eSports will breed more prominent and better things for Humber College, so the scene grows even bigger.

“They’ve been great at supporting us in making our game rooms at Lakeshore and North bigger,” she said.

Video games are no longer laughed at as child’s play. They have big stakes. And big pressure.

Allen said competing in the FIFA tournament proved pre-game jitters happen even in the gaming world.

“Honestly, from literally the moment the game started, my hands were shaking, like, absolutely shaking,” he said.