Hawks’ suspension opens door to rugby rivals

by | Oct 10, 2015 | Sports

Jacob Wilson-Hajdu
Sports Editor

Last Friday, Humber’s male and female rugby teams were suspended pending an investigation into a potential violation of Humber’s code of conduct. As the Ontario men’s championship team five years in a row, this leaves the rest of the OCAA division eyeing the opening.

“It seems like a fair game now. If you look at the top three teams now, they are standing at about three and two. We will definitely have a different crowning of a gold medal team this year,” said Ken Fitzgerald, Loyalist College’s rugby coach.

Humber College has a reputation of being one of the top forces in all varsity sports, but the Hawks really shine in the rugby sector.

“Humber is just a dominant force, they have a really good-structured, long-term running program. They get the right players and stuff like that. For me, we are in a rebuild year again. We are kind of at the mercy of the school being small, “ said Fitzgerald.

Even with news of the suspension, some teams still fear the Humber Hawks.

“Right now all we have been told and what seems to be coming from the OCAA is that they will only be missing one game. That is all we have been told,” said John Daggett, Georgian College men’s rugby coach.

“We are playing Mohawk tomorrow and again next week and as far as we know we are playing Humber at the end of the month,” said Daggett.

All colleges adhere to an OCAA code of ethics and each college in addition has their own code that usually overlaps that of the OCAA. Humber’s Code of Expectations highlights things such as refraining from excessive alcohol use, suspensions for hazing and locking down social media accounts and pages.

“First of all, OCAA has for athletes, a comprehensive policy and each school follows the similar policy for student athletes. (In addition), there is a policy for each institution’s code of conduct of how they should behave on and off campus,” said Geoff Tomlinson, Algonquin men’s rugby coach.