Hawks top unbeaten Sheridan at buzzer

by | Nov 27, 2015 | Sports

Jesse Bonello
Sports Reporter 

Humber men’s basketball was victorious in a nail biting must-win game at Sheridan on Nov. 19.

The game came down to the final seconds. The Hawks won 57-56 thanks to a friendly bounce off the rim on a Sheridan buzzer-beating shot.

Humber gave the Bruins their first loss of the season, while the win gives the Hawks a winning record and a possible resurgence of success after a slow start to their season.

It was also a not-so-friendly reminder to Sheridan, that the Hawks are the defending national champions for a reason.

Second-year point guard, Curwin Elvis, delivered a game high 14 points for Humber. He shot 50 per cent from beyond the arc, which lead the way to victory for the Hawks.

“It’s a big win for us, especially since we’ve been struggling lately,” said Elvis. “We’re so used to playing them closely. We always want to beat them bad.”

There’s always an urge for Humber to beat Sheridan. Records and team skill don’t matter when these two teams face off. Humber could be in first place or last place, but team members say it always feels fulfilling for them to be able to declare that they beat Sheridan.

Humber head coach Shawn Collins knows that these games are — and always will be — a battle.

“It doesn’t matter what the rankings or the standings are, this game is what it is. This is a rivalry game,” said Collins.

Collins knows this isn’t just a rivalry between the two schools. The roots of this rivalry go much deeper.

“The kids that play each other here have played each other since grade school and all the way up through high school. There are internal grudge matches before they even walk on the court and put a jersey on,” he said.

The players try to prepare for this game just like any other game, despite the rivalry. They know that the rivalry holds a part in these games, but they try not to let their emotions get in the way.

“We treat it the same as any other game on our schedule,” said Kenny Ejim, a second-year power forward on Humber. “We just want to go out and win every game that comes our way.”