Hawks’ volleyball team ‘over the moon’ with rookie recruit Fadare

by | Feb 6, 2020 | Headlines, Sports, Varsity

Humber Hawks’ Joshua Fadare has made his mark on the men’s volleyball program establishing himself as one of the top rookies in the country.

A heavily sought after recruit, Fadare’s athleticism is a sight to see and his impact on a match is unparalleled.

“We were obviously over the moon, and glad when he chose us,” head coach Wayne Wilkins said.

Humber knew from Fadare’s club days that his potential was undeniable, but the question was whether the program could offer him what he wanted as well as a team that could compete at the same level.

“When he came out to practices and met with the team and started playing with these guys every day, he realized they can compete,” Wilkins said.

But despite all the hype, the rookie Radio Broadcasting student was still nervous about coming to Humber.

“I mean, for my first year, I’m just trying to stay level headed,” he said. “I’m working hard and just seeing where it takes me and how things are going to go.”

Calm, cool and collected, Fadare’s presence has a ripple effect that spreads to the rest of the team.

“It’s reminiscent of some of the best players that have ever come through here,” Wilkins said. “It gives this sense of calm that in times, when things are getting tough, you’ve got confidence in this guy that you believe can side-out at will.”

It’s maintaining that level head and having a short memory that allows Fadare, of Markham, to perform in those tough moments.

“If you make a mistake, you make a mistake,” he said. “I like to move on.”
The Humber Hawks men’s volleyball team is the number one ranked team in the country, posting an impressive record of 14-0.

The Hawks’ message to the nation that they’re the team to beat was by winning in straight sets nine games in a row and only losing two sets the entire season.

The team believes Fadare is the best rookie in the OCAA, and Humber awarded him Athlete for the week of Feb. 3.

Fadare said he doesn’t think about being the best rookie but is going to continue to work as hard as he can.