Hawks vs. Redeemer: Humber Splits Back-to-Back Games

by | Jan 30, 2015 | Sports

By Alexandra Martino

The Humber varsity women’s volleyball team defeated Redeemer University, but the men couldn’t make it a clean sweep in last Thursday’s back-to-back.

The women had a noticeable chemistry from practice to game time that led to a solid victory over Redeemer in three sets.

The women were relaxed, cheerful and interacted with each other in a supportive manner.

The positive energy continued throughout the game even when the Redeemer Royals got close to an upper hand in the first set.

Emily Deakin-Poot, a first-year middle, said rising above a point difference that gets too close is a “matter of regrouping.”

“Our second set was more how we wanted to perform, we got the intensity up that we strive for, especially in the difference in points,” Deakin-Poot said.

This chemistry is a large part of what has allowed the women’s team to remain undefeated this season.

“Teamwork is what we’re brought up to do and it’s helped us so far,” said Deborah Mitchell, a fourth-year outside.

Chris Wilkins, the women’s head coach, confirmed that the unity of the team is no coincidence.

“The chemistry is as important as talent,” Wilkins said.

“It’s part of my recruiting strategy. Sometimes I won’t accept a talented player if they don’t fit the chemistry of the team,” he said.

Thalia Hanniman held up her reputation as the team’s lead scorer with three service aces and 11 kills. Kelsey Kovar, second lead scorer, got four service aces and seven kills.

The Humber men’s pre-game ritual of a lively huddle did not create a spark big enough to ensure victory.

Redeemer took advantage of Humber’s service and attack errors to win in four sets.

Terrel Bramwell outplayed his teammates and kept his team in the game with four service aces and 27 kills.

The team remained supportive of each other after each attack, but there was something missing from the team’s gameplay.

“Our mental fortitude let us down at times and we took Redeemer too lightly which resulted in playing catch up all match,” said Alex Lewicki, a third year outside.

“We have a good team, but this was a test,” said Wayne Wilkins, the men’s head coach and brother of Chris. “Games will get tougher, and we can’t take other teams for granted.”