Hawks women’s basketball team reign continues

by | Nov 27, 2015 | Sports

Lindsay Wadden
Sports Reporter

It seems that losing is not an option for the Humber Hawks women’s basketball team, who beat the Niagara Knights 71-51 last Thursday and continued its undefeated season.

For a short moment in the first quarter, the Knights were in the lead but Humber battled back. By halftime the score was 43-26 for the Hawks as they fought hard to regain the lead and then cruised to the final whistle. Hawks dominated the third and fourth quarter.

Humber guard Natalie Hagopian, 22, of Thornhill said the key to their success is the team’s work ethic preparing for games.

“Moving forward we need to continue working hard in practice,” said Hagopian. “The whole team works so hard and it’s shown on the court.”

Hagopian said the Hawks play defense that’s different from other teams which is why they have being playing so well. “We worked well together tonight and we executed our plays well which is why we played so well tonight,” she said.

Last week, the team steamrolled over the Sheridan Bruins in a blowout win.

By the first quarter the Hawks took a 19-5 lead and managed to overwhelm the Bruins. Their offense intensity is hard to manage that early in the game.
“If we start fast, teams can’t catch up to us by the end of the fourth quarter,” said shooting guard, Sash Bertusa.
Humber leads the OCAA with 552 points scored and are 66 points ahead of the second scoring school, St. Clair College.
Humber Hawks host the Redeemer Royals on Dec. 3 at 6 p.m.