Healthy food on campus pricey, not easy to find

by | Oct 9, 2015 | Life

Lia Richardson
Life Reporter

Some students say that Humber’s food is enabling them to gain weight while other say they cannot afford the healthy alternatives.

Munira Kairawan, 20, a second-year fitness and health promotion student, said she is concerned with the food options at school. Her program is demanding in terms of eating healthy and working out, but said buying food at Humber makes this difficult.

However, she also said she feels like sometimes, there is no other choice.

‘’The food selection sucks and there’s so much junk. Plus, the healthy stuff is so expensive,’’ Kairawan said.

The fruit salad sold in the cafeteria is about $6, which is the same price as what is considered to be lunch for some people. A slice of pizza and a six-inch sub sandwich at Subway costs about the same.

Kairawan said personal health and nutrition is important to her. This is evident as she swung her gym bag over her shoulder and adjusted her Nike running shoes. After taking a sip from her water bottle, she added she’s trying to keep in shape and lay off eating fast food at school.

”I want a more healthy variety so that it’s not so hard to keep weight off,’’ she said.

Kairawan’s classmate Merhawit Tekle, 18, said her course requires her to look presentable and work out often. Although, she added she would rather eat something from Teriyaki Experience to fill her stomach than a bean salad that costs almost $10.

‘’I’m a skinny girl but that doesn’t mean that I eat healthy,’’ said Tekle. ‘’It’s still hard to keep up with nutrition especially when there are so many unhealthy choices at school.’’

Tekle said she would like to see Humber lower the prices on the healthy snacks and lunches. This way, it will be easier for her to follow her diet and fight her temptation to eat junk.

Melissa Sherwood, 28, is a former nutrition advisor at the Islington Rec Centre and is at Humber for academic upgrading.

Sherwood used to inform youth on healthy eating and the importance of taking care of one’s body. Now that she is back in school, she said she’s realizing it is a little harder to eat healthy with so many fast food option available.

She said Humber’s food options enable her to go against her diet.

‘’In a way, it does enable me to eat junk. So I sometimes bring my lunch,’’ said Sherwood.

Sherwood said her background in nutrition keeps her on track. She’s got a full figure she keeps tones with a light workout regimen by eating fruits and vegetables regularly.

Chartwell’s staff member Shivani Birla, said that of all the food choices, she prefers Subway. She said there aren’t many healthy choices but she is fine with what Humber has.

Birla said she strives for the healthiest choice and noticed that many athlete students go for that choice as well.

‘’First of all, it’s fat free. I gain energy when I eat from there. My body feels worse when I choose to eat junk for lunch. A lot of athlete students say the same thing.’’