High Performance Centre gives athletes extra push

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Feature, Headlines, Sports

Ed Hitchins
Sports Editor

There’s an age-old saying that if someone is given an inch, they’ll take a mile. With Humber’s High-Performance Centre, Hawks teams are certainly receiving that inch to take them the extra mile.

The HPC has played a little role in helping Humber earn a staggering 19 National and 63 Provincial championships, tops in both categories respectively since it opened in 2010.

Only available to varsity athletes, other students probably wouldn’t know the HPC even exists.

HPC coordinator Teresa Arnini feels that needs to change.

“I want to get the message out,” Arnini said. “I want people to know that we have this type of facility to allow athletes to reach their peak level.”

The facility was started as a pilot project spearheaded by former athletic director Doug Fox.

Arnini, who doubles as the cross-country coach, said the key to its success is that there are administrators at Humber who play close attention.

“Humber had a reputation of being committed,” she said. “Historically, they always supported their athletes. Everybody then just knew work had to get done.

“Now, the advantage is we have the strength and conditioning coaches to figure out just what how it needs to get done,” Arnini said.

Those coaches include Joseph Latina, who moved to Humber after strength and conditioning experience with CIS schools York and Ryerson Universities.

And he was more than thrilled for the opportunity to coach the 13 varsity teams that represent the Hawks.

“We try to look at everything from a whole,” Latina said. “It’s not just training. There’s a lot of background stuff that we do in creating programs.

“We gear all the training to peak at certain points,” he said.

Services offered for athletes include stress and time management, as well as recommendations on nutrition.

“We’re trying to give them tools to make them better athletes,” Latina said.

Men’s volleyball team rookie Josh Pascual says the HPC absolutely helped him become a better player.

“I think it’s the other half people don’t see,” said the kinesiology student. “The HPC helps us last longer and throughout the long season, it helps us perform better in ways people really don’t know.”

Women’s volleyball Julia Watson said the education she’s gained from Arnini and Latina has given her a grasp on her overall health, both on and off the court.

“It’s helped me become more conscious about what I put into my body,” said the rookie right side. “I’m eating healthier. I’m drinking more water.

“Plus, it gives me a little outlet during the day, when there are open sessions, Watson said. “I like it.”