High school crowds Lakeshore campus

by | Nov 21, 2014 | News

Tonia Venneri
Arts & Entertainment Reporter

Students pay a pretty penny to attend Humber College, but that tuition fee doesn’t necessarily guarantee students a spot to sit or a place to eat.

Students at Humber Lakeshore campus are tired of sharing their space with Father John Redmond Catholic High School students, whose school is right on campus, but Lakeshore’s public safety coordinator, Keith Pua, said public domain gives them free reign on campus and there isn’t much that can be done about it.

“The college is private property but it is public access, so we don’t restrict access solely to Humber students or Humber staff. Anybody can really walk into either campus, North or Lakeshore,” Pua said.

Redmond students are easy to spot because of their school uniform, Pua noted, but it doesn’t mean they are not welcome.

“We also have Lakeshore Collegiate Institute which is just a block away…and I know their students come here as well and the only difference is Redmond wears a uniform so they’re easily identifiable. We don’t want to discriminate based on age. We’re always looking at behavior. We’re always addressing behavior and not simply based on what they’re wearing,” said Pua.

Isabel Kania, 19, is a business administration student at Lakeshore and she said the constant flow of high school students makes her time at school more difficult.

“They make the lines at Tim Hortons a lot longer than they should be. I already push it coming in for an 8 a.m. class. So coming in and wanting to grab Timmies right before class, and be on time is mission impossible,” said Kania.

Just like the students who attend Humber, staff members deal with same lines and lack of space due to outside visitors and Pua said it is just a part of life.

“I think the students do have a right to feel that it is their space, but they need to understand that its public domain…I face the same challenges. I need to deal with the same line up that all the other students need to. I sometimes don’t get a space to eat my lunch, but you know, it’s just the world we live in,” said Pua.

Despite the aggravation that some college students feel towards sharing space with high school students, business administration student Brooke Klintworth, 21, said most of the time she doesn’t even bother waiting in line behind Redmond students.

“Usually I go in there and just end up leaving before I even get to the line because it’s so long,” said Klintworth.
Pua said students need to realize that Redmond high school students have the right to access Lakeshore’s facilities.

“You got to remember they’re still customers so if they do make a purchase they’re entitled to drink their coffee or eat their food in the space provided,” Pua said.