Historic athletic success credited to free play policy

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Sports

Keysha Watson


The varsity teams at Humber College have continuously been among the highest ranking, provincially and nationally.

The college is a major stepping-stone towards a professional sports career for many prospective student athletes.

Humber students who want to participate in a varsity sport are not required to pay, unlike other Ontario colleges.

“They don’t have to pay to be a Humber Hawk,” said Jim Bialek, manager of athletics and sports information at Humber.

“I don’t know if students realize it at first, but once they find out it’s an ‘oh, my’ moment, like, ‘wow we don’t have to pay?’ These athletes when they try out for the team have the expectations from when they were in high school that they always pay,” Bialek said.

Humber foots the bill for the vast majority of student athletes’ expenses including uniforms, coaching, travel, a per diem meal allowance, and a few other essentials.

“At a lot of institutions there is an athlete fee, but here at Humber there is no fee and that’s something that were very proud of,” said associate athletic director Michael Kopinak.

Humber athletes benefit by being at a top ranking school and not having to empty their savings or sacrifice their academic goals in pursuit of their athletic dreams.

Free athletic services put Humber at the top of athletes’ list of preferred post-secondary schools to attend, Bialek said.

“To come to school and represent your institution and not have to pay is kind of like a wow moment,” he said.

For many students grappling with tuition fees can be a serious pocket pincher and pursuing sports can seem out of question when having to pay athletic fees at other institutions.

“At Humber students are able to fulfill their academic potential and secure a successful career, while sharing incredible athletic experiences at no cost to them,” Bialek said.

“Were in a position to give students the entire package and that goes far beyond just sports. We have academic advisors, therapists, health services, and strength and conditioning coaches. Humber has something special to offer,” he said.