HRT raises funds for Nunavut Service Learning Trip

by | Mar 31, 2017 | News

Kayzia Boilard
News Reporter

The concourse at Humber’s North campus was filled on Tuesday with activities organized by the school of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism to celebrate Earth Week.

Students who attended the event had a wide range of activities to participate in, such as the white elephant swap, bucks for books, e-waste drop off zone, plant in a mug sale, green smoothie bar, the Humber Arboretum and Centre for Urban Ecology, and a magazine Drive in support of the HRT’s Nunavut Service Learning Trip.

“We collect books, houseware items and we run the ‘plants in the cups’ which are mugs that are collected, then filled with a plant and sold. We usually do it in September and one more around February but because it’s been so busy we decided to team up with the Sustainability department and run ours with theirs as well. They’re doing the maple syrup and smoothies activities,” said Antonio Folino, Catering and Events Manager of the School of Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism.

Folino said that all items collected from the events will be donated whereas books that were being sold for $1 and mugs that were being sold for $5 will go towards the planned trip to take students to Nunavut.

“What we do is put out a request for any old mugs and we collect them and then we sell it for $5, and again that money is going towards Nunavut,” said Folino.

Marta (who asked not to share a surname), a Nursing student at Humber who participated in the events was pleased to see the ‘reuse, reduce, recycle’ idea being put to practice.

“I think it’s wonderful, rather than to keep putting garbage back into our landfills, they’re encouraging students to reuse things. One person’s garbage is another person’s treasure,” she said.

Riley Little, a work-study student with the Humber Office of Sustainability said that the events planned for Earth Week are a great celebration of initiatives that Humber does in order to put in work towards bettering the planet.

“Today we’re talking with students about our social media contest, and students have the opportunity to win some really great prizes with that. We’re also just letting people know about some of the great initiatives we’ve done on campus and ways that people can participate in the future if they’re interested,” said Little.

Initiatives include working with faculty in their programs to bring sustainability awareness into their courses, others include encouraging staff and students on campus to carpool and take public transportation.

“We have our TTC photo ID day to encourage bus using instead of car using, we have our carpool initiative to encourage students and staff to carpool instead of taking individual vehicles, and we’ve got our Humber Earth Week here which is one of our big events that we reach out to students with,” said Little.

Another Humber Nursing student, Roshni, was glad to see the initiative at Humber targeting young people.

“There needs to be more awareness and I’m glad that they’re doing this here because young people are the age group that need to be targeted. Old people won’t change their ways but by doing events like this it gets young people involved and that’s how change happens,” she said.