HSF Clubs Fair showcases dozens of clubs for students to run

by | Oct 10, 2014 | News

Aluen Navarro
Transportation Reporter

Joining a club at Humber makes life better as a student but can also help in developing skills required for life after school.
Humber Students’ Federation’s annual Club Fair  at North campus last Monday and Tuesday  invited students to explore new clubs that have been formed and join them. The fair also offered ways students could launch their own clubs.
Vice President of Student Life at North campus Ahmed Tahir encourages students to join clubs.
“I believe in clubs and I love them,” said Tahir. He said it helped him developing leadership skills he’s using in his everyday life.
Tahir created the A Team club, which was an activity club for Humber students.
He said Humber has 24 clubs this year at the North campus, while Lakeshore campus has 50 clubs to offer. Clubs can focus on any number of different topics from the cultural, like the Aboriginal Students Circle, to the athletic, like The Dance Company, to games, like the Guilds of HumberLife RPGS Club. These numbers can always change as clubs are being created or being dropped. Everything is up to the students who are interested in these clubs.
Tahir said the most popular club this year is the Embassy (Christian) Club, which is always well-attended.
Third-year nursing student Dasom Kim said she came to the clubs event to get more information on the clubs that were being offered this year.
“I just joined the Good Deeds Club and the Next Generation Music Club,” Kim said, adding she would like to have a Lego Club on North campus, similar to the one at Lakeshore.
First-year Baking and Pastry Arts student Elisa Best said this was the first time she’s been at the clubs events.
Best joined the Bible Studies Club and wished that there was also a baking club and sewing club at North campus.
“There’s no harm in joining a club and you can always leave it if you don’t like it,” said Tahir.
Tahir thinks the more students get involved in school the better they’ll do with their school work.