HSF gets new prez on second attempt

by | Oct 5, 2014 | Federal Election, News

Samantha Singh
News Reporter

Second-year International Business student Thomas Walton, 18, has been elected as Humber Students’ Federation’s president.

“It was overwhelming. It was an opportunity of a lifetime to be involved in this campaign, to be able to participate with HSF and to be able to say that I was able to campaign.

“I’m just a small town kid, born and raised in New Brunswick, and I went to school with 400 people and now I’m at a school with 27,000 plus students,” Walton said.

Walton won by 15 per cent with 822 votes to beat third-time campaigner Shawn Manahan, who had been voted president-elect last spring in a contentious and disqualified election that saw the removal of president Tim Brilhante for unspecified campaign irregularities.

The by-election had a voter turn out of about 7.5 per cent of the student population. Of the more than 28,000 registered full-time students, about 2,000 voted.

Yet HSF board of directors chair Eric Collings was pleased with the numbers.

“I’m really happy that we actually had such a great turn out for a by-election. It’s phenomenal the amount of students that came out and voted. From what I’ve heard it’s roughly around 7.5 per cent.  (That’s) for a by-election that has three days of voting, one of those being Friday which is usually the worst day for voting because everyone wants to go home,” Collings said.

Walton added, “I only had a week to campaign and then there was three days that the students can vote. So the fact that there were so many votes those three days is impressive.”

Patrick Millerd, 26, who was just shy of third place with 17 per cent of votes, was congratulatory towards Walton.

“I’m okay with it, I think Tom’s a pretty good guy and hopefully he will be able to lead HSF to a brighter future. There are definitely changes I’d make if I were to run again, but no hard feelings,“ Millerd said.

Millerd said he would “take off his serious face” and go back to his comedy writing at Lakeshore campus.

“My website is still up and running and I will still try and promote that and

hopefully get more interest generated for that and who knows? There’s always the elections in March,” Millerd said.

“It’s not official yet, we still have the gala to go to the Annual General Meeting where there’s more interviews of my platform, to see what can actually happen.  So, right now it’s just preparing for the AGM, getting my schedule organized and set and getting ready to take action,” Walton said. (Clarification: Walton informed us he had misspoken. His election will be approved at the Special Executives Meeting not the Annual General Meeting. – Nick Jean, Managing Editor)

Rob Gemmell and Saurabh Kanda were elected to the vacant North campus seats on the board of directors after running unopposed.

Gemmell, Kanda and Walton’s term will begin October 20, 2014, and run to April 30, 2015.

“It’s time to roll up my sleeves and get ready to work. Students elected me in for a better tomorrow. So, I’m going to make sure it’s going to be a better tomorrow,” Walton said.


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