HSF gives gift cards to students in need

by | Nov 7, 2014 | News

Haley Falco
Residence Reporter

Humber Students’ Federation’s Emergency Food Bank is intended to help in those distressed situations where no other resources are available.

“It’s very, very situational. It’s really that emergency side that we’re looking for in this,” said HSF vice president of student affairs for North campus, Odin Von Doom.

“The clients that we want to give this to are those who have no other resources and are going to be unable to eat for the next couple weeks or couple months.”

Von Doom said not everyone who applies will receive help as it is intended for emergency situations only. “Some who might be there thinking they need (our help) but don’t really, who actually do have the resources, who would be taking an emergency provision away from someone who is really in an emergency,” Von Doom said.

Students are then able to set up a time with the vice president to sit and discuss their application. The food bank has seen some improvements from last year. Previously, there was an actual food bank with food at the school, available for everyone enrolled in the service. Now students receive President’s Choice gift cards.

“It’s a lot easier for everyone involved. This difference is that before, they could pick up the food physically here and take it home. Now, they have to go to a grocery store to spend this gift card,” Von Doom said.

Students will receive a $30 gift card every two weeks for three months.

“They get six in total, which is $180 dollars,” Von Doom said.

Von Doom said that the gift cards are easier to manage, use up less space than the food, and it accommodates students’ wishes.

“We reach out to students in terms of providing information for emergency food bank or for any other kind of emergency funding that we might do. We’ll reach out in the sense of letting them know this is available if they need it,” Von Doom said.

After the six weeks are up the student sits down with the vice president to discuss their current situation.
“If they need to keep going, we keep going. If things have picked up and gotten better, then we leave it off. It’s really situational,” Von Doom said.

“We’re hoping that by the time that they’re done with it, their situation will change. If not, we are open to reevaluating and reassessing,” Pellew said.

Kirby McLaughlin, second-year Humber Fashion Arts student, is living on residence for her second year. She ran out of money on her meal plan early last year, and didn’t know what to do.

“It didn’t make sense to put more money on so I just went out and bought stuff for the last little bit.”