HSF hosts massage and tea event

by | Feb 6, 2015 | Life

Shaun Fitl

Life Reporter

Humber students got some needed pampering with a hot drink and back rub at the Massage and Tea event hosted by the Humber Students’ Federation on Wednesday.

The event was intended to help relive some of the stress associated with being a student.

Dylan Rudder, HSF Vice President of Student Life at Lakeshore campus, included free massages in his platform when he ran in the elections last year and that promise has become Humber’s Massage and Tea event.

Rudder spoke to nearly 1000 students at the event and received feedback about what students want to see on campus.

“Students talked about stress, anxiety and being tense,” he said. Massage therapy benefits more than just some achy muscles.

“Massage therapy has an impact on all systems of the body,” said Margaret Wallis-Duffy, a registered massage therapist and owner of Wallis for Wellness in Brampton.

“You impact cardiovascular health and mental well-being,” she said. “It can help improve circulation, decrease pain, lower blood pressure and improve body awareness.”

Wallis-Duffy said many people “live outside their body” and do not really understand the connection between their mind and body.

“The mind-body connection is a very powerful phenomenon,” she said. “There is research to show that connecting the mind and body creates changes in hormones.”

Serotonin levels in the brain go up during massages, which can help fight depression, she said.

“Cortisol, the stress hormone, causes blood pressure and heart rate to go up and saliva samples show that during massages, cortisol drops and you are able to relax,” she said. “This allows for a quieter mind with more clarity and productivity.”

Taylor Reid, a first-year Humber Electromechanical Engineering Automation and Robotics student, said the massage therapists at the Student Centre “really knew what they were doing” and “really focused on my sore areas.”