HSF offering dozens of new and returning events this term

by | Oct 10, 2014 | News

Natalia Vega
HSF Reporter

Campus events are a major part of Humber life, say the students who attend them.
Ahmed Tahir, Vice President of Student Life North Campus, cited the Oct. 6 and 7 Clubs Fair at North and Lakeshore campuses as part of the litany of events Humber Students’ Federation offers to students.
Tahir said 42 events are scheduled for this semester at the three campuses, not including the service-based eventssuch as a farmers’ market.
Based on how things go this semester, some of these same events will return in winter. However, even if they do it may not be the same company to host the event.
“We owe it to students to try to do different avenues at times,” Tahir said. “We always try to change it up just to maybe try something else or see if we can get a better deal or better kind of service from someone else.”
First-year Multimedia Design and Development student Catherine McNair, 24, joined the Greater Toronto Paranormal Society. She said she hopes to make new friends by joining this club while also exploring haunted locations.
“I’m really interested in spiritualism,” McNair said. “I don’t know that I would have gotten involved if they hadn’t set up events like this.”
Ashwin Savarap, 21, is also a first-year student at Humber and he joined the League of Legends club at the Clubs Fair.
Savarap said having money go towards HSF for these types of events are well worth it.
“I think it’s motivation for them and it helps,” he said.
HSF’s 2014-2015 consolidated budget report allotted a $410,000 budget for promotions and events from its $1 million programming budget.
Tahir said HSF holds events at Humber not to only showcase the talent students have but so students can get involved within the Humber community.
“College can be much more than just academics. I know for myself I learn a lot outside of the classroom as well as inside the class room,” Tahir said. “I think it’s important to socialize and create friends in college.”
Tahir said the De-Stress event which took place Oct. 1 and 2 at Humber North and Lakeshore campuses was to help students with their health as midterms are coming closer.
“Having a massage day … I hope makes the day that much better so (students) can focus on school and focus on what’s actually important in their lives,” Tahir said.
First-year radio broadcast student Geordie Huband, 18, had a massage during the De-Stress event at North campus on Oct. 1. He said he only knew about the event because of his friends.
“I thought it was great. I was very relaxed and all the stress from school just melted away,” Huband said.
The event brought five masseuses from Massage on Wheels and four oxygen bar stations from Element Oxygen Bars to Humber.
The amount HSF spent to bring in these two companies to host the event wasn’t revealed.
Tahir said some other events coming up this semester include free lunches, animal day, an iPod battle, glow-in-the-dark yoga and open mic nights which lead to a Humber’s Got Talent show at year’s end.