HSF president Walton ready for duty

by | Oct 17, 2014 | News

Samantha Singh 

HSF Reporter

Thomas Walton, 19, second-year international business student was officially elected as Humber Students’ Federation president during a special open meeting of HSF members on Oct. 15. Walton comes from Quispamsis, N.B., where he grew up with his parents Mike and Angela Walton, and brother Matthew.

Walton flew back home for the Thanksgiving weekend to see his family.

“I gained about 10 pounds in two days. It was fantastic, got to spend time with family and friends and old neighbours, who I haven’t seen in a while…never forget your roots,” Walton said.

Before Humber, he had two options: either attend school in New Brunswick or move to Ontario.

“I looked at Seneca. I looked at every college and university in New Brunswick and I was accepted to each. I chose Humber College because of the program I wanted to take, which was international business. And after reviewing that program and realizing the endless possibilities that Humber had to offer me,” he said.

In third year, Walton’s program offers an internship abroad where students can report their experiences with a chosen company.

He has aspirations of doing his internship in London, England.

“I have family and friends in London, so hospitality-wise it would be a little bit easier on the wallet. Also, because their markets completely contrast the North American market. So, studying abroad would definitely be a lot more beneficial to what I want to do in international business,” Walton said.

Despite Walton’s close relationships with Dylan Rudder, current HSF vice-president of student life at Lakeshore, and three-time presidential candidate Shawn Manahan, his choice to run for HSF president was entirely self-motivated.

“Leadership is just in my blood. My father is the vice president of Lantic Sugar, he’s also the chair of New Brunswick’s pension board and he was my idol growing up. Seeing him as a leader, I always kind of wanted to be like my father. I realized I can create my own path here and I came in chasing after my father’s footsteps but now it’s more that it’s my time to shine and create my own path.”

Walton’s hobbies include basketball, swimming, and skiing. He has modeled for Elmer Olsen Model Management but has put that on pause due to his engagements in school.

In his spare time he keeps up to date with his renewable energy company, and has spent two years researching renewable energy products.

His business intuition was a key feature in his campaign that really resonated with students.

“I voted for Thomas Walton. I think he would represent the school well and I think he’s a nice person. He seems to have a really good background from his bio that I read,” said Pirla Younan, 18, a first-year paralegal student.

His HSF colleagues feel those good impressions and enthusiasm as well.

“I first met Thomas Walton at our 2nd Annual General Meeting last school year,” Ahmed Tahir, HSF vice-president of student life at North campus said.

“I haven’t known him for very long, but the conversations and experiences I have had instilled within me a belief about his character and intentions. I really believe that he has the highest of ideals and that he is ready to serve the students that voted him in. I can’t wait to begin officially working with him.”