A&ELifeHumber Alumni joins Toronto’s WILDsound movie festival

ETC StaffOctober 18, 20181535 min

Denissa Palmer

Life Reporter

WILDsound festival hosts a weekly showing of different genres of short films every Thursdays at Carlton Cinema in Toronto.

WILDsound’s website states they “showcase the best of short films from around the world, while maintaining the audience feedback format. The only festival in the world that makes the audience the main character.”

Founder and creator, Matthew Toffolo, teamed up with Humber graduate Kiersten Drier and Texan-born filmmaker Mary Cox to create the opportunity of sharing stories through film.

The event has grown with a few operations, which included making the move to show more than just screenplay readings.

Depending on the week, short films are hand picked by Toffolo and Cox.

WILDsound shows a variety of different genres of short films every Thursday at the Carlton Cinmea’s, located in downtown Toronto. On Thurs. Oct. 4, they showed the film “Why We Push,” directed by Graeme Bachiu. (Denissa Palmer).

“I get a stack of folks to go through but the criteria that I look for is polished production. Something that looks like there’s been care and time into it,” Cox said.

“Not necessarily money. But we want to see attention to lighting and attention to set dressing. We want to see professional quality work,” she said. Although Toffolo came from a big sports and math family, WILDsound allowed him to display his passion for storytelling.

Growing up, he said he realized his parents were usually glued to the television. “My parents had stressful jobs, they were always watching television and movies all the time. It seemed like that’s what they were paying attention to,” he said.

Toffolo played football as a child, but said he had to come to the realization that sports weren’t going to be in his career.

Toffolo took some time to attend school in New York but returned to pursue his film career. He worked at a film co-op where he made 15 short films in two years.

Shortly after teaming up with Humber College graduate Drier — who graduated in 2013 for Writing and Production for Film and Television — she landed one of her first biggest gig with the production team from Degrassi and the Rick Mercer Report.

She also worked with FilmArmy, which is a company dedicated to connecting Canadian filmmakers to news, resources, and creative opportunities.

Drier took this opportunity to write for their blog along with creating and writing one of her biggest projects called “Inside the Chaos.” This was a show where Drier had the opportunity to cover industry events and conducted interviews with well-known executives.

Drier is now the curator and moderator for the weekly showings at WILDsound while also pursuing her filmmaking dreams.