Humber ARC gets into the Halloween spirit with pumpkin carving celebration

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Campus News, News, North

Donna Akbari, News Reporter

Although Maria Agaiby grew up in a conservative family, she embraces the Halloween spirit at this year’s annual Pumpkin Carving event.

“Halloween wasn’t really a part of my childhood,” the fourth-year University of Guelph-Humber Social Service student said. “There was no candy, no trick or treating, no costumes, no pumpkin carving and definitely no horror films — Halloween was generally considered the devil’s holiday.”

Bella McWatch, a first-year Fire Service student, said pumpkin carving is one of her favourite seasonal activities.

Agaiby said she never believed Halloween was something demonic but rather an opportunity to be someone else.

“At one time or another every- one wishes to be someone else,” she said. “Halloween gives people to transform — into a witch, a wizard or, like me, a scarecrow.”

Agaiby always had an interest in the holiday and the pop culture associated with it. But as a university student, she finds she doesn’t have the time to indulge herself.

“Between working two jobs and school, I never have time for myself,” she said.

The people who organized the event are satisfied with how the event took place.

“We’ve been running this event for three years now and it’s been run- ning smoothly and met with success,” Kaitlin Phillips, a member of the Aboriginal Resource Centre staff said.

“It was a team effort and we couldn’t have done this without the help of the other staff members and the encouragement of students,” she said.

Agaiby said she looks forward to these events because it gives her an opportunity to do what she enjoys and to interact with others who hold the same interests within the school environment.

“The event was nice, there was candy, free food, and pumpkin carving,” she said. “What’s not to like?”

This year she made a one-eyed monster.

“I don’t consider myself an artist — but I’m pretty satisfied with my work,” Agaiby said.

The event was enjoyed by many others.

“I look forward to this event, I’ve been carving pumpkins for two decades now it’s one of my favourite things to do,” said Bella McWatch, a first-year Fire Service student.

McWatch said her pumpkin was her canvas and she was interested in seeing what a pumpkin could transform into.

This year her pumpkin was transformed into a possessed Elmo. “My favourite thing about Halloween has to be the costumes,” said Classica Ibana, a second-year Interior Decorating student, who dressed as a pumpkin.

“Some people say Halloween is for children, but with everything going on I feel that Halloween gives us a chance to reconnect with our inner child and be someone or something that we’re not,” she said.

This event had been her first and she hopes to come back next year.