New photo and fashion club

by | Jan 31, 2014 | A&E

Adam Stroud
A&E Reporter

Circle, a new Humber Students’ Federation club,is aiming to create a network of ambitious artistic students from Humber North and University of Guelph-Humber, who are interested in photography, fashion and cosmetics.

Craig Bagol, 20, club founder/president and electrical engineering student at Humber, said the club was created to help his peers collaborate and find work outside the school walls.

“It’s hard for people…to find good people to work with, so why not start something like that here at Humber?” Bagol said.

The club was originally proposed to include people from all Humber campuses with any artistic interests, but in order to simplify things its scope was narrowed, Bagol explained.

“We just stuck to what we’re good at,” he said.

Bagol is studying engineering, but photography is his passion and dream career.

“Even if you don’t know how to do any of those (photography, fashion or cosmetics), we’re going to be teaching photography classes every week,” he said.

Bagol hopes by the end of the semester Circle will be able to hold a photo exhibit and fashion show to showcase their members’ work.

Jeith Diga, 18, electrical engineering student and vice-president of Circle, said spending time with artistic individuals, like his friend Bagol, has changed his worldview.

“It opens my eyes towards different types of art, instead of having a narrow mind towards building things,” he said. “I can see things from the perspective of a photographer, I can see the perspective of other people.”

Cathy Bidini, a part-time photography professor at Humber North campus, said Circle is a great idea because collaboration between artists is more important than ever.

“[Artists] often rely on each other in order to get from A to B to the end result. These days photography, design, media, is very much a collaboration,” she said.

The first meeting of Circle will be tomorrow. They plan to meet every Tuesday and Friday after that.

Those students looking to be in the loop should contact Bagol at or visit