Humber Athletics honours Mohamoud with athlete of the week

by | Dec 3, 2019 | Feature, Sports

Pablo Balza, Sports Reporter

Point guard Fowzi Mohamoud had a historic performance in his colli- gate career during the Nov. 24 game against the St. Clair Saints when he scored his 100th three-pointer.

Mohamoud is the second player from Humber to reach this achievement. And he’s 12 three-pointers away from surpassing former Hawks point guard Mike Dvorak’s record of 114.

This achievement plus his performances during the Nov. 23 and Nov. 24 game helped him win the Humber Athletics Student-Athlete of the Week.

He had 13 points and seven assists against the Lambton Lions and 19 points and six rebounds against the St. Clair Saints.

Mohamoud is taking it most humbly and respectfully.

“It feels amazing being athlete of the week, this season has been great with the team and I couldn’t have achieved it without my coaches and my teammates,” Mohamoud said.

“It was a great accomplishment, during practices and games I get a lot of three-point shooting reps in order to play my game right.”

The Humber Hawks had a tough start with a 0-4 record, losing their first three road games and their home opener.

Within the early struggle, the Hawks made a comeback with four straight wins while making their record 4-4 and being sixth in the West Conference.

“We lost a few games early this season, when we lose, we shouldn’t be down, it’s a lesson to be prepared for the following games and it is better to lose early in the season than during the end of the season,” Mohamoud said.

The coaches have given a lot of help inside and outside the court towards Mohamoud and the team.

“My coaches have taught me to not think too much, to just play my game that is when I play more successfully, I get my guys involved and everything goes well,” Mohamoud said.

During the season, he has been locked in and sharp with his team, before each game he performs his ritual to get into game mode and focused.

“Usually before games, I stay with the team hang around, we do our handshakes just to get in the zone to play our game and I’m always listening to my favourite artist which is A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie to have my mindset in place,” Mohamoud said.

“I’m really happy for Fowzi, he’s a great player, he deserves it and I’m happy to play with him,” guard DeQuon Cascart said.