Humber Bloom showcases interns and their work

by | Mar 18, 2019 | News

Zainab Zaman, News Reporter

Stephanie Grinch was nervous.

The Humber College media communications student was showing off her work at the Bloom event last Wednesday at the Centre for Social Innovation on Spadina Avenue near Queen Street.

And her audience were invited industry professionals in the advertising, marketing, and graphic design field.

Humber College hosted the annual Bloom event on March 13. at 192 Spadina Ave. (Zainab Zaman)

“The general vibe is nerve-racking, a lot of people in the program are creative which is why it’s important to engage,” said Grinch. 

“It was beneficial to know where we fit in the industry and what we should peruse with the skills I have,” she said. 

Media students showcased their work to get jobs, the career-specific event is aimed to achieve networking skills and a future internship. 

The Bloom event was hosted by Humber’s advertising, media, and marketing communications students. 

Students got the opportunity to easily connect with people in the professional industry and talk to them about their work and what they have experienced. 

Maximilian Green, an advertising and marketing student, says everything in his program is career specific.

“Half the people here create the artwork and the other half are here to sell it, that’s the kind of dynamic in the room,” Green said. 

“At first, students were clumping together and a little bit nervous, however once more industry professionals showed up, the students built more confidence,” he said.

Mathew Scerri (right) and Karan Narula (left) admire other students art work at the Bloom event on March 13. (Zainab Zaman)

Anna Santilli, a program coordinator for advertising and marketing communications, says Bloom is an opportunity for students to flourish their skills.

“Our students are generalists and endure developed skills that are more grounded in digital and management skills,” Santilli said. 

The purpose of the event was for students to hopefully earn an internship that could lead to a career.

Cathy Bidini, a media communications program coordinator at Humber, said students must network, communicate, and practice with network industry experts. 

“Students should invite the right people to meet and it’s a value to the agencies here today, because they can meet up with various skills around the room,” Bidini said. 

“I hope students have a dialogue about who their aspirations and putting their best foot forward in a professional way,” she said. 

“This venue is the real-world experience beyond the walls of Humber that is exciting and nervous,” Bidini said. 

Marketing agencies, photographers, and graphic designers attended the event to speak with the students towards future jobs. 

Greg Henderson, a Humber College photography professor, says it’s awesome to see the students new work. 

“I teach photography and it’s nice to see the variety of shots and creativity the students have brought to the event,” he said.

Grinch said the event was a perfect way to showcase her creative work.

“I received amazing feedback from videographers, marketing agencies, and web designers on my art which will help me in the future,” she said.