Humber celebrates with 2014 Student Appreciation Awards

by | Apr 11, 2014 | News

Kendra Hamilton
Life Reporter

Molly MacKenzie didn’t even know she had been nominated for a Student Appreciation Award until she arrived late to a residence banquet and it had already been announced she had won.
“When I got there everyone was like, ‘You won it!’ And I was like, ‘What? Oh my god, thanks,’” the 19-year-old said.

MacKenzie received the Marci Fenwick Award last Monday at Humber College’s 30th annual Student Appreciation Awards for actively fostering togetherness, spirit and kindness within the Humber community.

The Marci Fenwick Award is one of two special awards given out at the ceremony along with 12 appreciation awards to honour Humber students, staff and faculty who demonstrate selfless dedication and excellence, explained Graeme Morrison, executive committee chair for the event.

Residence Life Coordinator Taryn Dickins nominated MacKenzie.

“(Molly) was great at bringing together people in the residence community. She got everyone feeling good and comfortable and proud of their residence life,” she said.
The ceremony was sponsored by the Humber Students’ Federation and Morrison said more than 150 staff, faculty, and students were in attendance, including President and CEO of Humber College Chris Whitaker.

Second-year Public Relations students at Humber, who chose a Dr. Suess inspired theme and décor, organized the evening’s events.

“It’s about ‘celebrating you and all that you do,’” said Jessica Hungerford-Hemming, 21, a public relations student.

The list of achievements which individuals received recognition for ranged from late night proofreads, to making the best burrito on campus.

Pino Caputo and Gus Fourmouzis, two staff members, were honoured for helping keep the cafeteria clean, and Casey Rowed, a paramedic student, was recognized for creating Humber’s first on-campus Emergency Response Team.

With Slinkys hanging from the ceiling, vibrant displays of balloon animals, pink cake-pops and an ice cream bar, there was a child-like energy to the evening that mirrored the positive attitude and vitality of the award recipients.

“There is something really lovely about people feeling like what they do is meaningful to someone else,” said Dr.Nikki Martyn, assistant program head of Human Services at University of Guelph-Humber.