Humber changes how they honour athletes

by | Feb 6, 2015 | Sports

By Andy Redding

Humber Athletics is in the process of finalizing a new varsity post-career awards program that will honour player uniforms, not numbers.

The program will introduce a new set of guidelines for how the college honours its most outstanding varsity athletes, said Humber Athletic Director Ray Chateau.

“It starts with team success, OCAA and CCAA medals,” said Chateau. “Then individual success, character, and community involvement are considered.”

This new program enables Humber to better honour athletes of all sports, said OCAA President and Humber Manager of Athletics Jim Bialek.

“In the past, we’ve retired jersey numbers. But this is problematic for our athletes who don’t have jersey numbers, like in golf and badminton,” said Bialek.

Humber will now instead honour uniforms, not jersey numbers, he said.

“Honouring uniforms instead of jersey numbers enables us to recognize all of our outstanding athletes appropriately,” said Bialek.

The final criteria for the new varsity post-career awards program is not set in stone yet, said Chateau.

“It will be finalized in time for our Varsity Gala this fall,” he said.

Although the new guidelines will be more open so all sports may have their top players recognized, the standards an athlete must meet will still be set at extraordinarily high levels, said Bialek.

“The idea is that honouring your jersey is the ultimate,” said Bialek. “Getting in to the Hall of Fame is ridiculously special. But getting your uniform honoured is the next step.”

For an athlete to qualify to have their uniform honoured they must meet all of the Hall of Fame criteria, then meet additional criteria that sets them apart from the pack.

“They’d need to have significant individual accomplishments, like having multiple All Canadians, Player of the Year awards, career scoring records, and championship MVP awards,” said Bialek.”They’d have to be a once-in-a-lifetime player.”

Humber Athletics is remaining tight-lipped about the two players whose uniforms are being considered for the honour.

“Right now we can foresee two players next fall at the athletic gala,” he said.

While those two athletes remain a mystery, it leaves other athletes imagining what it would be like to have their uniform honoured.

“It would be such an honour,” said Humber men’s basketball player Tyrone Dickson. “I’ve bled blue and gold for so long, I’ve poured my heart out playing for Humber. To one day be recognized like that would be amazing.”