Humber College celebrates its 33rd annual art show

by | Apr 8, 2019 | News

Sydnee Walcott, Life Reporter

Lights, Camera and Art were the themes of this year’s art show.

Humber College held its 33rd Annual Art Show at the Lakeshore campus on April 1 with a Broadway theme.

The Broadway themed art show opened up with musical performances from Cynthia Fay, Vanessa Astarita and Ryan Vottero, students from Humber’s Music program.

“I expect a different take to it,” said Ruby Boamah, the chair of this year’s art show. Boamah said the every year the art show has a different theme, and the theme chosen for this year’s art show was a Broadway theme.

Geonho Lee’s work “Last Change” placed first in the drawing category and will also be competing in the League of Innovations International Competition. (Sydnee Walcott)

The art show also featured it’s main attraction, art work. There was a diverse range of artwork which included monochromatic and colour photography, drawing and painting, mixed media, and three-dimensional art.

Some of the Humber student and faculty artwork on display will be shown online at the League of Innovation International Competition.

Humber College is the only Canadian college, and one of the 18 schools around the world, takes part in the League competition. The competition was created to encourage artistic college students to continue to do art and highlight how important art is to the community, schools and students.

The annual Humber Art Show, which was sponsored and supported by the IGNITE Student Union, gives students from all programs the opportunity to showcase their artistic talent for a chance to win cash prizes and the opportunity to participate in the League of Innovation international competition.

“The fact that we won first and second place last year was really cool,” said Ryan Durgy, a post-grad Media Relations student. At last year’s international competition, Humber College took both first and second place at the show.

Durgy likes the art show celebrates creativity. But what he was really intrigued that Humber students from all different campuses were able to take part, which was inspiring to him.

Five pieces of artwork from the art show are expected to be part of the League of Innovation International Competition.

Anthony McGuire Meva took part in the art show after her professors from Visual and Digital Arts program urged students to submit their artwork as a good way to get their pieces noticed.

Luke Walmlesy’s piece “Peace of Mind” on display at the 33rd Annual Art Show. (Sydnee Walcott)

McGuire Meva submitted two mixed media pieces and her work, Nahual, placed second in the mixed media category at the award show.

Geonho Lee, who’s drawing “Last Change” placed first place in the drawing category, will be moving forward onto the international competition.

Lee heard about the art show through his professor in the Visual and Digital Arts program, and participated in the show because he wanted compete and push himself to do better.

“Peace of Mind,” is another piece of artwork expected to be seen at the competition. The first place digital piece, created by Creative Advertising student Luke Walmsely. Even though he was surprised about winning first place, Walmsely said it was nice to feel validated.

He’s excited to see his artwork move forward and is curious to see how far his artwork will go.