Humber College hosts ninth annual job fair

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Biz/Tech, Lakeshore, News, North

Patrick Simpson, Biz/Tech Reporter

A recent Humber College job fair offered part-time work and internships to North campus students.

Around 80 businesses set up booths at the North campus Student Centre on Jan. 15.

This year’s fair had a wide range of jobs offered, everything from summer jobs at Canada’s Wonderland to part-time work at Bell.

The event even catered to a number of programs at Humber, offering jobs in the hospitality, information technology and landscaping fields, to name a few.

Students talking to business representatives at the Jan. 15 job fair. (Patrick Simpson)

A number of students that went to the fair were determined to land a job.

Zamin Mohsin, a third year Business Administration student, said he’s confident in his experience to get a career in human relations after graduation.

“In order for my resume to be good I need a lot of experience. So, I went out and got as much as experience as I could,” Mohsin said.

Other job seekers like recent wireless telecommunications graduate, Abhijeet Rai said he’s sure his communication skills will help him get a job.

“If I get an interview, I’m pretty confident I can talk my way through it,” Rai said.  

However, some weren’t as confident in their chances of landing a new career. Alora Hannighan, a first year Media Communications student, said she could use more help understanding the fundamentals of creating a resume.

“I wish I had more help with the basics, just understanding what’s important, what’s not important,” Hannighan said.

Ashvini Sriharan, the fair’s project manager, said that when it comes to creating a good resume, it’s best to do research beforehand and to tailor each resume for every application.

“Doing background research on what their skills are that they want to highlight, as well as also making sure to tailor each resume for every position that they’re hiring for so that they aren’t sending the same out to multiple employers,” she said.

“That gives them a better chance of getting recognized by employers,” Sriharan said.

The job fair will also make an appearance at the Humber Lakeshore campus on Tuesday, Jan. 22, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.   

The event was put on by Career Services, a department at Humber that offers career advising as well as tutorials on a number of topics such as resume building.