Humber College LRC 9 months from completion

by | Sep 26, 2014 | News

Nick Beare
News Reporter

Campus officials are warning students at Humber’s North campus to expect another year of vehicular congestion due to construction.

Humber’s newest building on North campus, the Learning Resource Commons, isn’t scheduled for completion until summer 2015.

“The LRC will reach substantial completion on March 31,” said senior director for strategic asset management at Humber Carol Anderson.

The building will be fully occupied by the end of July 2015, she said.

The LRC will be home to a new library and student centre as well as administrative offices, an independent study space and a student gallery and showcase. The massive structure will act as a centrepiece for visitors to Humber as the striking facade dominates the Humber skyline.

The 260,000 square foot, six storey building has claimed over 100 parking spots since the project commenced in May of 2013, Anderson said.

This was in order to “provide a lay down area for construction and ultimately to provide the space for a bus loop,” she said.

The creation of a new TTC bus loop is a major part of the LRC project going forward, and construction is already underway, said director of public safety and emergency management at North campus Rob Kilfoyle.

The new bus loop should be in operation by next September, Kilfoyle said.

“All buses, with the exception of a few, will be coming on to campus, directly dropping folks off right at that building,” he said.

The hope is that with the new TTC bus loop, some of the congestion, particularly on Humber College Boulevard and at its intersection with Highway 27, would be alleviated, Kilfoyle said.

            “Its kind of a catch-22…We’re bringing the buses onto campus so that means a little more traffic. But the benefit is that it will be eliminating the buses from stopping all along Humber College Boulevard, which creates traffic impediments along the way,” he said.

Many Humber students will receive the idea of less traffic as good news. Long lines of cars are a daily sight while traveling to and from campus during the school year. Kilfoyle said security staffing has increased all around site to help direct student and construction traffic alike.

“There are only certain areas where trucks and construction traffic are allowed to proceed,” he said.

“So we have barriers and security folks out there monitoring to make sure it’s only that designated traffic gets in there,” Kilfoyle said.

Travelling to and from campus can be frustrating at times, said second-year Business Administration student Robert Poots.

“It’s definitely taken me longer to get a parking spot. The lots and roads are usually full with people trying to get in and out, but when you add the construction and trucks, it bogs everything down,” Poots said.

The Humber website provides updates on the progress of the LRC and other projects going on around campus, including a new addition to Building F.

“We are in the midst of adding two floors to Building F which will be home to new BioScience labs as well as new collaborative-active classrooms,” said Carol Anderson.

The latter project is scheduled to be complete by May 2015.