Humber College shells out for students living on a budget

by | Oct 17, 2014 | News

Kelsey Coles

Residence Reporter

A ramen and Kraft Dinner diet is all too familiar to college students living on a budget.

College students are at a pivotal point in their lives. They are, for the most part, on their own for the first time and learning to take life on by themselves as an adult. Between rent, tuition and other living costs, creating a budget can be difficult and stressful but rewarding in the long run.

Humber provides a number of bursaries to students including Tuition, Financial Need and First Generation Bursaries for students who are struggling with debt.

“(More than) 5,000 students receive bursaries and scholarships and we issue over $5 million,” manager of financial aid at Humber College Holsee Sahid said.

“Bursary applications are available on the MyHumber website.  Once the applications are submitted, they are reviewed by senior Financial Aid staff or a selected committee,” Sahid said.

She said students are selected to receive bursaries based on a combination of financial need, academic progress and/or a letter from the student explaining their financial situation and how the bursary will help them meet their academic needs.

Humber Visual and Digital Arts graduate Tasha Mestdagh said priorities are key when creating a budget that works.

“Most of my savings went towards buying the necessary supplies for my program,” he said.

Mestdagh advises those who may be struggling with maintaining a budget to take it in stride and that patience is key.

Sean Harper, a third-year Sports Management student said distractions play a pivotal role in budgeting problems. “I maintain my budget by staying at home and not going out every night  spending money.”

Harper said that working in the summer has helped him manage his budget with ease and goes to show that hard work pays off. “Work your butt off before (September) so you don’t have to work during the school year.”