Humber College’s bus loop effective for commuters

by | Oct 2, 2015 | Life

Jalisa Massiah and Amy Wallace
Senior Reporters

The new bus loop at Humber College’s North campus appears to be popular with riders.

The 10-stop concrete island between University of Guelph-Humber and the new Learning Resource Commons building opened for operations on Sept. 1, just in time for the fall semester.

“For the most part, it seems to be effective,” said first-year general arts and science student at Humber, Diane Maiato. “It brings you closer to the school versus walking.”

Rather than stopping on Humber College Boulevard, all TTC, VIVA, MiWay and Brampton Transit/Zum now pick up and drop off students in the loop.

Humber student Amanda Gordan found the bus loop frustrating during the first week of school, when she got on the wrong bus and was late for class. “The first day was a bit rough,” she said. “It was gridlocked in here…but it’s okay now. Buses are moving in and out freely. I know where to stand to get the correct bus.”

Andre Thompson, Ryerson University student, is a first time user of the loop.

“I used to drive a lot to Brampton so having the loop is easier to switch buses,” said Thompson. “I also feel that’s it’s helpful to the students, it’s easier for them to go straight to their classes because it’s actually closer to the school than the street.”

Although the addition of the loop seems to be effective for transit users, it is a nuisance for some other commuters.

Amy Cauz, an early childhood education student at Humber College, drives to school. Due to the heavy traffic caused by the loop, she is considering taking the bus to make her commute easier.

“Driving in here with the traffic is brutal,” said Cauz. “I’m always 10-15 minutes late for classes.”

However, Humber student Santosh Joshi approves of the change. “If I want to go from Etobicoke to Brampton, the 511 has really good service, for me”, said Joshi.

Humber’s security personnel direct traffic while ensuring safety when students are walking to and from campus.

“I think they do a great job with that,” said Cauz.

TTC staff is also on site to help with the transition.

TTC route supervisor Mohammed Shaikh said while it may be an inconvenience to some, it is beneficial having all buses in one location. “It’s a good idea to have all the buses centralized… specifically for the students,” said Shaikh.