Humber curling sets up to sweep Nationals

by | Mar 20, 2015 | Sports

Jessica Reyes
Sports Reporter

Humber curling is headed to Olds, Alta., for Nationals on March 25 after winning silver at the OCAA in Peterborough on February 15.

Cindy Bishop, the head coach of the Humber curling team, is also a professional curler at the Weston Country Club and has been for 18 years.

“I feel very confident going into Nationals, the girls worked really hard,” Bishop said.

Desiree Davis, completing her final year in the law clerk program, has curled at Humber for three years.

She said curling is a sport that is much more fun to play than to watch.

“The most challenging part about playing curling is when you’re sweeping it’s your arms… if you keep sweeping for at least a minute, you feel like you just want to die,” Davis said.

Maria Cristina De Rose, a fourth year Kinesiology student at Guelph Humber, said five years from now she would like to see curling offered to high-school students so they can understand the game just as well as hockey or soccer.
“In terms of college curling, I would like to see more competition against other schools,” De Rose said.

The curling team appreciates the positive environment Humber has to offer.

“We get great uniforms, opportunity to play at a great facility, but most of all Humber is like a great big family with so much support,” De Rose said.

Sarah Jagger, a former Humber curling athlete, says Humber has always given opportunities to compete against other schools.

“We get to go to Provincials and Nationals while some schools, if the team doesn’t finish first or second the school won’t pay for the team to go to Nationals, which is quite disappointing,” Jagger said.

Although the college is supportive when it comes to games and equipment, it fails to offer scholarship money for the sport.

“I wish I got a scholarship as it would lighten the financial stress, but with that said, I have been lucky to receive an honorarium for having a GPA over 80 per cent,” De Rose said.

Jagger said students should consider curling as seriously as any other sport.

“I think it’s just sad sometimes when some people don’t recognize that it’s a big sport. It’s at the Olympics, there’s many events and it’s only getting more and more popular every year,” Jagger said.

“If it wasn’t popular then Humber wouldn’t have a team. Last year the mix team won gold in provincials which is amazing…and both the men’s team and women’s team went to Nationals,” she said.