Humber Dance Company gives another successful year-end show

by | Mar 27, 2015 | A&E

By Jessica Tedesco and Jessica Reyes
Sports and News Reporters

Humber’s North campus hosted the Humber Dance Company’s annual showcase on Friday Mar. 20.

The showcase was an opportunity for students to display their talents in a variety of dance styles. Food and refreshments were provided by the Humber Students’ Federation, followed by a raffle. The turn out was more than expected, with family members, loved ones, friends and Humber students showing overwhelming support. With colourful costume changes, perfectly synchronized dance routines, and a variety of styles of dance, the show was entertaining from beginning to end. Full of expression and emotion, the showcase displayed several impressive performances by both senior dancers and first-year team members.

With the ongoing screaming, clapping, and whistling, the bond between the Humber Dance Company girls is obvious. They were encouraging, complimenting and genuinely excited for each team member to feel comfortable and make the most of their performances.

Alexandra Scarleto, choreographer and captain of the dance team, said the club has been successful for over four years and the team continues to grow annually. The team is not only a chance for students with a common passion to come together but a welcoming environment with an opportunity to create lasting friendships. The club encourages students, both experienced and non-experienced, to take advantage of the open classes held throughout the year.