Humber donates medical gear to hospital, York Region medics

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Headlines, News

Emily Wilson, News Reporter

Humber College answered federal and provincial calls for donations of medical equipment to help fight against COVID-19.

Justin Trudeau  addressed all Canadian post-secondary schools  in his tweet where he asked for assistance March 24.

“We need your expertise and your resources,” he said. “If you have masks and ventilators we can use, or if you think you can help with things like 3D printing of medical supplies, let us know.”

Packages of personal protective equipment (PPE) have made their way to William Osler Health System at Etobicoke General Hospital, across Highway 27 from Humber College’s North campus.

York Region paramedics also received PPE from Humber.

Donna Harris, public relations manager at the hospital, expressed her gratitude for the PPE donations that will help prepare for the expected imminent shortage.

“At this time, Osler has enough supply to meet our patient care needs, though there are global supply chain concerns based on the significant international demand for these products,” Harris said in an email.

Emily Milic, Humber’s public relations and communications manager, said all departments across the board participated in the drive, including the Student Wellness Accessibility Centre.

“Obviously they’re not seeing people on campus right now for medical appointments so the materials that they were not using were donated as well as from other faculties and service areas across the college,” she said.

Milic said deliveries were made in two waves. The first to the hospital on March 24 and the second to York Region Paramedic Services with gloves, masks, gowns and disinfectant wipes April 1.

Harris said the hospital is closely monitoring their supply as PPE requirements evolve and change rapidly.

“All staff, physicians and volunteers require at least one mask per day at a minimum, therefore, thousands of masks are utilized every day, along with a large quantity of gloves and gowns,” she said.

Now, more than ever, local hospitals and health care professionals need community support.

Harris said whether community members are donating supplies or funds, or doing their part by staying home, practicing social distancing and careful hand hygiene, “Osler appreciates every effort to help us keep the community healthy and safe.”

“We’re in unprecedented times and we’re all trying to do what we can to make things better and hopefully come out the other side of this,” Milic said.

She said the situation is unifying for all communities as they do what they can to help not only Canada and the world, but specifically to health care workers.