Humber golf is not quite an all male affair

by | Apr 10, 2015 | Sports

Jessica Reyes
Sports Reporter

Adrienne D’alessio is studying professional golf management and is ready for a little competition on the golf course.

D’alessio is Humber’s only female member of the golf team.

She has been playing golf since she was six years old and a little male competition isn’t stopping her in becoming a professional golf player.

“My dad was the one who got me into it and I just fell in love with the game ever since,” D’alessio said.

Older sister, Brianna D’alessio, started playing golf at ten years old when their father took them on weekend trips to play the game for fun.

Her father had been playing golf for over 20 years and raised both Adrienne and Brianna to love the game.

Brianna saw Adrienne’s passion growing up when they had to compete against each other at tournaments for Toronto Star and Golf Association of Ontario.

“It’s been kind of competitive in a sisterly way, but it was good because we got to learn from each other,” Brianna said.

In the beginning Brianna, was the one teaching Adrienne how to keep her posture and focus on the game. Today the tables have turned.

“She got to a certain age where she was obviously better than I was and she was able to give me tips,” Brianna said.

Scott Benzoin, fourth year business management student and fellow Humber golfer, said he wasn’t surprised to see Adrienne join the Humber team.

“She started off a little rusty and a little in-experienced but she was able to catch on quick and her game got a lot better as the season went on,” Benzoin said.

D’alessio said that she knew joining a male dominant sport was going to be a challenge but had a positive attitude going into the tryouts.

“I kind have got use to it because when I was younger I use to play baseball and golf. I was always the only female playing sports so I tried to not let it bother me and made myself fit in.” D’alessio said.

Maggie Trainor, Humber alumni and coach for the golf team, said D’alessio has improved her accuracy and short games throughout the years of being on the team.

“She definitely has the potential to be on tour…She has won the OCAA tournament this year,” Trainor said

Benzoin said the biggest challenge for playing golf is to consistently improve each year.

“Golf is not a sport that you just kind of pick out of the blues. You kind of have to experience it earlier in life or have friends and family that play,” he said.

Brianna said she supports her sister Adrienne in becoming a professional golf player.

“I think she definitely has the natural talent. She just needs to spend time with it and dedicate herself to it completely,” she said.