Humber grads find valued opportunities in employment abroad

by | Oct 31, 2014 | News

Serge Halytsky
International affairs reporter

Humber College’s Alumni office, Humber Students’ Federation and the Registrar office don’t keep track of how many alumni are working abroad but it is not hard to find that there are many.

“To date, we have about 18 students that got employed at a high-end automation company in Michigan, U.S.,” Humber’s Coordinator of the Electro-Mechanical Engineering Automation and Robotics Program Neil Mohammed said.

The Humber Automation and Robotics program won 16 gold medals and seven silver medals over past 11 years.

“The program is the best in the country. We are Humber,” Mohammed said proudly.

“Everything that we’ve been learning at Humber for three years is very recent technology,” said Santiago Moros, a 2014 Humber Electromechanical Engineering Technology Program graduate who is working in Auburn Hills, Mich.

“I am working with professional engineers now, but I’ve graduated just from a three-year college program, and they have experience of five, six years engineering,” he said.

It shows the skill level Humber students have in comparison with (otherss) in the industry, Moros said.

“This company (Esys Automation) came, and they were impressed with our projects. Then they came for interviews. So basically I was hired four months before graduation. We’re coming out with about 95 per cent of people already employed,” Moros said.

Moros said becoming familiar with the environment and already being acquainted with equipment and the technology used by the company was “the key” to his success.

Going to work in another country was scary for Moros, but it also was an opportunity, he said. Being an immigrant from Colombia, he came to Canada to look for more chances and he got one in the United States.

“It wasn’t really an opportunity I could say no to,” Moros said.

Another Humber graduate, Andree Grenier spent equal parts of her life in Canada, where she lived in four major cities, and in Boston, Mass., where most of her immediate family lives.

Humber grad Andree Granier worked in Cairo, Egypt, for eight months as a legal intern. Photo Courtesy of andree Grenier

Humber grad Andree Granier worked in Cairo, Egypt, for eight months as a legal intern. Photo courtesy of Andree Grenier

After graduating from Socio-Cultural Anthropology at University of Toronto, Grenier enrolled at Humber for the one-year intensive program International Project Management, which focuses on international development work.

“I didn’t officially graduate from Humber until I worked abroad and submitted my final report on my experiences,” Grenier said.

Working abroad was a program requirement that really inspired the class of 30 graduate students to go all over the world, she said.

Granier went to work in Cairo, Egypt, for eight months as a legal intern at the Pro-Bono Legal and Social Work Centre for Asylum Seekers and Refugees.

Ten years later she still has vivid memories from that trip.

“I loved my work with the Africans and had loads of fun with the women I worked with, but being a blonde in Cairo is tough,” Grenier said.

LinkedIn, the business-oriented social network, shows 2,025 Humber graduates are employed in the U.S., 449 in U.K., and 131 in Australia.