Humber graduates, their goals and 2021

by | Dec 18, 2020 | News

The 2020 pandemic has significantly changed the goals of Humber College’s graduates.

Moving out of residences or their parents’ homes, paying off student debt and finding a good job are just a few goals that have become much more difficult due to COVID-19.

“There are a lot of businesses that are forced into digital transformations, and need students with skills like ours,” Tiana Eghdam, a work placement administrator overseeing eight of Humber College’s Advertising and Design programs and their internships, said. “But they don’t have the means to hire full-time.”

Some future graduates like Liliia Smichenko, a third-year Humber journalism student from Ukraine, are still excited about what life after Humber may look like.

“I am really excited to find a job in [a] magazine,” Smichenko said, “I would also like to do some video editing.”

She said the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t discouraged her from pursuing her personal post-graduation goals since most job openings are being done remotely, and stock photos and personal editing software have become the norm since the move to remote learning.

The part Smichenko said she misses most is the face-to-face contact interviews in-person grants.

“I wanted a full-time job in PR,” said Jenny Scrivens, a Humber 2012-2013 public relations graduate. “But before I graduated, I found out that I was moving with my family to the States.”

Eghdam said she and other administrators for Advertising and Design programs have flexible alternatives to help students achieve their “dream jobs” with the internship programs.

The Advertising and Design programs have had a 96-per-cent placement rate for students entering their internship programs, she said.

Eghdam, Scrivens and Smichenko all agree Humber graduates are in high demand right now and that more jobs should become available to future graduates as well.

Smichenko is particularly confident that journalists, writers and photographers will be in increasing demand if the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

“A lot of my classmates are very ambitious, and I can see that nothing is going to stop them,” she said, “This situation is pushing them to think [of] how can they push themselves more, using what they have.”

Eghdam said the positions are not just going to be available for journalists.

“I think that now, from a business side, the opportunities are coming,” Edhdam said.