Humber Hawks athletes honoured for academic success

by | Jan 24, 2014 | Sports

Humber's Kelly Nyhof was one of the 56 athletes honoured.

Humber’s Kelly Nyhof was one of the 56 athletes honoured.

Jeff Sehl
Sports Reporter

After a fall semester full of success on the field, Humber’s student athletes were recognized with a celebratory breakfast and awards ceremony on Jan. 24.

“Getting to sit down and have a breakfast to see what other athletes have gotten to accomplish as well is nice,” said fifth-year volleyball player and honour roll law firm profile student, Kelly Nyhof. “It’s great recognition.”

Fifty-six Humber student athletes from 14 different varsity teams were named to the academic honour roll on Jan. 8, achieving a grade point average of 80 per cent or above.The men’s baseball team lead the way with 11 members earning honour roll accolades.

Finding success on the field and in the classroom is always a priority for Humber Athletics, said Ray Chateau, Humber’s athletic director.

“We’re very committed to the academic success of our athletes,” Chateau said. “We want them to be successful in their academic program, which allows them to be successful career-wise.”

Humber Athletics and individual teams both provide options to their athletes to assist them with time management, and ensuring they have every opportunity to succeed in the classroom.

“We have a varsity academic coordinator, Monique Haan, who is responsible for working with all of our varsity athletes in terms of their academics and their programs,” Chateau said.

“Some of the teams then have established a mentorship program in which veterans are aligned with freshman players.”

Chris Wilkins, head coach of the women’s volleyball team, is one coach in particular who emphasizes academic success and time management to his players.

“We practice or play almost every night so it’s important for these guys to plan ahead,” he said. “I get weekly updates from our academic coordinator and I meet weekly with certain individuals just to make sure they stay on top of their grades.

This semester, Wilkins’s team has three representatives on the honour roll, no easy feat with an often hectic athletic schedule.

“It’s nice that I get to be recognized not only because I’m on a varsity team, but just that I’m doing well in the program that I’m in,” Nyhof said.