Humber Hawks men’s soccer win Nationals in overtime shootout

by | Nov 20, 2015 | Sports, Varsity

Jake Wilson-Hajdu
Sports Editor

Humber men’s soccer team became national champions last Saturday, after a win over the Capilano Blues in an overtime shootout at Champlain College in Quebec City.

At the 30 minute mark the Humber Hawks lost Dominic Roberts to a yellow card and minutes later also lost player Joshua Paredes-Procter to a red card for violent conduct.

“It was two yellows. The first one was a tackle and then I kind of stuck my foot out to block a cross and he kicked the bottom of my foot and I got a second yellow,” said Roberts.

“It kind of felt like we were mistreated in the beginning, they say it was for a violent tackle they say, but I don’t think so,” he added.

Having nine players to 11, forced the Hawks to play their game in a defensive position. This left the Hawks a little out of their realm, but they managed to keep their stance and hold off the Blues.

“In practice we stuck to our normal thing which is attacking through Eugineio and Patrick and what not.  But no, we never thought that last final game was going to happen with nine men,” Roberts said.

Humber Hawks aren’t used to being put in the defensive position as they’re used to being a dominant force in the league.

“With respect to our defense in that particular game, it wasn’t something we employ often but it’s definitely something we look at with respect to our defensive shape in practice,” said Mike Aquino, Hawk’s head coach.

The tight game left players uneasey at the end. No one felt the stress more than goalkeeper Eugenio Garro.

“It was pretty stressful when it all happened and throughout the game you are like okay, we can hold off and hold on. It was just crazy,” Garro said.

The tied game had all eyes on Garro.

“There was obviously a lot of pressure on me and people were depending on me, but I just went out there and did my thing and it all worked out in the end,” Garro said.

In the end all the hard work the Humber Hawks have put in this year paid off. A team mentality has pushed them to become the national champions that represent Humber College.

“All together the guys have a system and everyone bought into it and in the end we are national champions,” Garro said.