Humber hosts literary event for campus bookworms

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Life

Comfort Adefowora
Life Reporter

The English Department at Humber College recently put together a Literary Reading event for students, which took place at Lakeshore Oct. 31.

Robert Rotenberg, the author of the book Heart of the City and Old City Hall, is also one of the top criminal lawyers in Toronto.

The alumnus of Humber’s writing course returned Oct. 31 to introduce his books to the students and writers who attended the event.

A reading session is an opportunity for the author to not only introduce and read the book, but also to get to meet their audience.

The significance of these sessions, according to Rotenberg, is getting to know the people who truly enjoy the work that was put into writing the book.

The readers and writers also gain some learning experience during the event since they get to watch an author explore the process of writing a book.

Rotenberg said students can learn and see what they can become through hard work. “I’ve got four other books and that’s my fifth book, they are all the same characters,” said Rotenberg.

He compared his books to a Netflix series, and said readers can follow up on the developing characters through his novels.

Jason Oduro, an Art Foundation student, said he loves to write and since he read Rotenberg’s books, he couldn’t wait to meet the man. “My professor informed us about the event, but for me, it was deeper than that because I write on the side, and I never thought I would be able to meet an author,” Oduro said.

“This has been a great opportunity for me.”

Oduro said he intended to make connections with the author.

Rotenberg said he saw the fire that drives Oduro passions and didn’t hesitate to offer him an opportunity for an internship.

Successful writers are a result of good readers, Rotenberg said.