Humber Hype Dance team feeling loss of varsity status

by | Mar 27, 2015 | Sports

Jessica Reyes
Sports Reporter

The Humber Hype Dance team has learned that for the first time it will not be part of the college’s annual athletic banquet celebration.

James DePoe, Humber varsity coordinator, said the Hype team has not been titled as varsity for the last three years, although this is the first time it isn’t at the banquet.

“Unfortunately, there was a shift in direction after Doug Fox was on his way out. He removed the varsity status from the Cheer team and Humber Hype dance team,” DePoe said.
He said over the last few years the transition was to keep the annual celebration for only Varsity athletes.

“With the numbers that we have now going into the banquet hall we just couldn’t put (the Hype) in and unfortunately they won’t be at this year’s banquet,” he said.

Hannah Rose McKie, final year student in Cosmetic Management and dancer, said Humber has also cut back on the financial support for the Hype this year.

“We have a much more smaller budget than we use d to, we’re seeing a lot of cutbacks in our uniforms and in our supplies,” McKie said.
“I wish that we could be more considered as a varsity team, we have been in the past and it would be really amazing to be back on varsity side, instead of an extramural team,” she said.

Erika Sunstrum, fourth year Interior Design student at the University of Guelph-Humber, is captain for the Humber Hype Dance team. She has been dancing for eight years and leading the dancers through a series of hip-hop and jazz routines.

The Humber Hype Dance team don’t consider themselves cheerleaders, but varsity supporters, she said.
“We’re here to just really encourage the teams and show our dance performance,” Sunstrum said.
Tamarah Williams, final year Law Clerk student has been on the Hype team for two years and said she enjoys being involved with the school through her passion for dancing.

“We’re like the Raptors girls at basketball games, not cheerleaders,” she said.

The team not only dances during varsity games but also takes part in competitions with other university and college dancers throughout the season.

Sunstrum said the Hype Dance team and the Humber Dance Company was once a large family.

“From what we understand, (Dance Company) created their own team separate and focus more on jazz, lyrical and contemporary…while Humber Hype at the time was a combination of both jazz and hip-hop,” she said.