Humber North Amphitheatre getting a makeover

by | Oct 31, 2014 | News

Samantha Singh
News Reporter

Humber Students’ Federation is in the final stages of redesigning the Amphitheatre at Humber College’s North campus, with, a preliminary concept design approved last week by the HSF Board of Directors.

“Currently the Amphitheatre is as it is,” said HSF executive director Ercole Perrone, who presented the plans to the board. “It’s theatre seating, the old school kind of manner. What has been proposed for us to adopt, which we think is a good idea, is the flattening out of the space, so that it’s all one level.

“That allows for flexibility and other uses, whether it be things that we plan or program specifically or that students organically organize themselves like throwing a Frisbee around. All those kinds of things that are currently lacking on the campus right now.”
The $2 million-budgeted redesign project would capitalize on the current expansion of Building F from Eastern Construction and architectural design firm Montgomery Sisam.

“We’re not asking for more money (from student fees), this is money that has already been set aside for such a project,” Perrone said.
The aim is for HSF to be able to hold larger events and programs such as Frosh Week at North campus.

“It’s pretty tough to program that space once it starts to get cold. It’s not open and warm enough for the average students to go participate in something in November or even February or March and so we hope to change that with this concept and (gain the) ability to now program it differently, because the space would be far more flexible,” Perrone said.

HSF has attempted to make the Amphitheatre more useful and flexible to students for years by holding contests to redesign the space but previous efforts have not been successful.

“I’ve been here for a long time and I have seen how the Amphitheatre used to be,” said Rafael Gouveia, board of director from North campus. “And I witnessed one of the frosh events be cancelled because of the flood a few years ago. As soon as I saw a new opportunity for the entire place to be renovated and I saw the designs and the proposal, I completely understood.”

Construction will begin as soon as HSF is satisfied with the final design. The expected completion will be along the same timeline as the Building F expansion, which is June 2015.

“We always want to stay fresh in terms of things that you’re doing and the Amphitheatre has always been a challenging space to use due to the obvious seasonal weather that we experience,” said former HSF president Timothy Brilhante.

“I’m excited to see what happens to that space as well,” he added. “There’s a lot of construction going on in that area right now, so I’m sure it will take a little bit of time before the plans are actually seen and felt by students. But I think it’s a good step forward to figure out what to do and make it more useful for students.”