Humber Athletics plans sports mural at Lakeshore

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Headlines, Sports

Jeremy Yudin, Sports Reporter

Humber’s Lakeshore Athletics department is developing a mural-style art piece showcasing the history of sports and athletics of Humber and Etobicoke.

The Humber Lakeshore Athletics department took submissions from artists earlier this month which are expected to be compiled into one visual art piece.

An honorarium of $1,250 will be given to a selected artist.

“We thought it was fair and in line with industry standards to provide an honorarium for this project,” said Matt Ferreira, manager of Lakeshore Athletics and Community Engagement.

An artist will be selected within the next couple of weeks according to Ferreira.

The athletics department asked artists to be creative, as long as their art connects with the theme of sports at Humber and in the Etobicoke region.

“We left it open to the artists to design a concept and come to us with ideas,” said Ferreira, who will be handling submissions and answering questions regarding the project.

The art piece will be installed in the first floor stairwell of the Lakeshore Athletics Facility on Lake Shore Boulevard near Kipling Avenue. The design will be visible both to those inside and outside the building thanks to the large floor-to-ceiling windows in the area.

The Lakeshore Athletics Facility had lots of wall space and Ferreira was looking to fill the space through branding and marketing techniques. Eventually, the idea of the mural came about.

“It’s probably something we’ve probably had on the docket for about a year now and now we’re in a position to finally move on it,” Ferreira said.

The mural will portray Humber sports in many ways, including its level of dominance.


Part of Humber’s current sports mural near the North campus gym. (Jeremy Yudin)

“Since 2000 there’s been only one year in 19 years where we haven’t won a national championship, which is utterly ridiculous,” said Jim Bialek, manager of Athletics and Sports Information at Humber’s North campus.

Humber has been effective in promoting their sports across the world as well.

Bialek said even people in Italy have tuned in to Humber volleyball games.

“We try to provide the best nature of promoting, branding, and reporting of any college in country in which I think we’ve attained,” he said.

Bialek encourages athletes, staff and fans to have some swagger when representing Humber sports and athletics.

“Talk proud, walk proud, feel proud,” he said.

Fitness and Health Promotion student Aarya Abesteh talks highly about Humber athletics as well.

“Sports in this school, it’s super, it’s big. Our school is really good, it’s number one in almost everything,” Abesteh said.

While sports are considered Humber’s strong suit, there are still ways it can improve.

“We work very hard to make it more than just wins and losses,” Bialek said.

He said there’s always room to enhance the experiences for those participating in the game and those watching the game.