Humber launches startups with New Venture Seed Fund

by | Jan 24, 2014 | Biz/Tech

Casey Taylor
Biz/Tech Reporter

Winners have been announced for the 2013 New Venture Seed Fund, a program designed to help current and recently graduated Humber students start their own businesses.

The fund awards $10,000 on a competitive basis to winners with the idea to support the development process for new ventures. The seed money is used on everything from developing prototypes of a product to testing and marketing them once they’ve been completed.

This year’s competition saw funding awarded to nine different startups covering a vast range of market niches.


Carrie Holmes is currently a student in the Bachelor of Business Fashion Management program. Her company, BlakBlak, was awarded funding for her line of high-quality clothing that targets a gothic niche.

Lindsay Branton and Brennon Lundy are both students in the Fitness and Health Promotion program. They developed a company  called TrainMeFit. Branton and Brennon plan to offer their clients personal and small group training partnered with lifestyle, nutrition and goal counseling plans.

Colin Edwards-Crewe is currently a Bachelor of Music student. His company, ColinResponse, aims to use motivational speaking and live entertainment to work with school boards to encourage and guide high school students as they approach post-secondary life.

Adam Kozak, a student in the Advanced Journalism diploma program, developed Kozak Video Reels. The company will create professional videos for high-level athletes hoping to graduate to the next level. The company’s main goal is to provide a way for athletes to market themselves to scouts and coaches.

Jacob Farjou, a student in the Exercise Science and Lifestyle Management program, aims at providing tools and information for people to make lifestyle changes to curb their risks of chronic diseases with his company Dynasty Training – Trainsmart.

Anthony Zambri, a student in the Landscape Technician program, owns Z-Con. His company, a seasonal residential lawn care company, seeks to supply its clientele with a higher-quality service than industry competition.

Sabrina Rubli and Ella Marinic, both International Development students, won funding for their company Femme International. The two hope to use their company to provide women and girls in developing countries with innovative tools and a knowledge set designed to address gender-specific barriers in education, health, and safety.

Craig Petten and Pablo Alvarez are both graduates of the Sustainable Energy and Building Technology program and co-owners of AquaGreens. Petten and Alvarez are seeking to put high-quality, competitive cost fresh fish and produce to market using sustainable aquaponic technology.

Mallorie Grabish and Justine Chen See, Community Integration through Co-operative Education students, own Ontario Disabled Adults Deserve Good Care. Their company is intent on improving the health and wellbeing of adults with disabilities by creating a health passport so care needs can be readily known and available to all care providers.