Humber music faculty and students jam together

by | Jan 28, 2019 | A&E, Lakeshore

Daryna Sarhan,  Entertainment Reporter

Humber’s live jazz concert had students and faculty jamming together. 

The second jazz concert took place at the Lakeshore campus on Wednesday. The auditorium slowly filled up with students from different programs as well as faculty members. 

This event was first held in the fall of last semester and organized by Mike Downes, the new program coordinator of the bachelors music program. 

Emmet Fortosky is playing the bass and Shiranta Beddage is playing the saxophone at the Lakeshore auditorium. (Daryna Sarhan)

Downes is implementing a stronger approach to teaching music, what he calls  the old school way, where young musicians come on to the bandstand and play for an audience. This style of training helps students recognize their mistakes, he said.  

Mike Downes playing bass at the Lakeshore auditorium. (Daryna Sarhan)

“That’s exceedingly important, students now get to play together with professionals, we give them the tune and they have to play it,” he said. 

Downes wants to have this event more often, and even move it to a casual setting like the student lounge where more people will be able to enjoy the music while young musicians get the training. 

Students find this event a great opportunity to jam with other students, teachers and even strangers. 

Music student Tony Rosenberg, one of the saxophonists who performed at the show, finds this type of event helps him stay connected since there is a less of a divide between students and teachers. This-hands-on experience helps students learn in a whole different environment, he said.

“I look forward to jamming with people as much as possible,” Rosenberg said.

Jacob Sousy playing the trumpet, Tony Rosenberg playing the saxophone and Cody Copland playing guitar at the lakeshore auditorium. (Daryna Sarhan)

Max Wilson is among many who in the audience who came to watch the show with his friends. 

This is the second time Wilson joined the event, and he said he liked the diversity that was presented, since many different people come out to play. 

“It’s better than when it’s just a band, I got to see new musicians,” Wilson said. 

Wilson plays bass but he’s concerned about performing because he doesn’t know many tunes, but he hopes to one day play on the stage as well.